NDIS Services

NDIS Services

Lifelong Pathways provides a highly specialised service that enables participants to build choice and control into their National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) supports.  By providing both Support Coordination and Plan Management we can assist all participants to maximise the support services available to them.

Our mission is to provide high-quality person-centred services.  We will do this by placing yours, or your family member’s, needs at the centre of our focus.  Lifelong Pathways is not affiliated with any providers of therapeutic supports and therefore offers independent support.  This ensures the best outcomes for everyone we assist.

Registered NDIS Services

Lifelong pathways is an NDIS Registered Provider for:

  • Plan Management
  • Support Connection
  • Coordination of Supports
  • Training in Plan Management

Plan Management

As your Plan Manager, Lifelong Pathways will manage payments to service providers on your behalf.  We will process payments to service providers, as well as provide regular reports to you on the financial status of your NDIS plan.

Lifelong Pathways is registered to provide training in Plan Management to those who wish to self manage their payments to service providers from an NDIS plan.  This involves supporting you to maintain records of services, learning to use the NDIS MyPlace participant portal and managing your available funds.  We will tailor this training to meet your needs.

NDIS registered provider

Support Connection

We provide Support Connection to strengthen your abilities to identify and use supports, and participate in the community.  This includes:

  • Resolving points of crisis
  • Developing capacity and resilience in your support network
  • Coordinating supports from a range of sources

Coordination of Supports

Coordination of Supports also provides strategies to strengthen your abilities to identify and use supports, and participate in the community. This is similar to Support Connection, but applies in situations where there are higher needs.