Consultancy Services

At this time, Lifelong Pathways is unfortunately unable to accept referrals for consultancy services.

Lifelong Pathways is a committed disability, education and inclusion service provider for all. We offer a wide range of person-centred private consulting services related to disability, education and inclusion. The level of support we provide is tailored to your individual circumstances. Meetings can be arranged at mutually convenient times and locations.

Assistance and support can also be provided at meetings you need to attend:

  • In your workplace
  • At your school
  • In the community
  • With the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA)

The presence of someone who can provide you with prompts, take notes and negotiate and liaise on your behalf can be a great comfort under potentially stressful conditions.

Further examples of how Lifelong Pathways can assist you include:

  • Inclusion assistance for education, employment and community activities
  • Education plans
  • NDIS plan self-management assistance
  • Support with NDIS reviews